Types of Services

Research & Conceptualization

Realization of necessary research and analysis activities into the subjects of interest, involving universities, research centers, think tanks, and individual experts. Conceptualization of ideas and development of solid content for public policies, projects, and various initiatives. Designing tailored policies and processes based upon thorough analysis.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Offering monitoring and evaluation services for our clients in order to provide data and other information to support informed decision-making on future actions in ongoing projects, or to conduct post-implementation evaluation of realized portfolio of projects.

Assessment & Rating

Assessment of services and various public policies or of capacities of public agencies to implement policies. Design and development of rating models and various quality indexes for governments and public agencies.

Lobbying & Advocacy

Lobbying interests of our client and partners in various fields, using sophisticated and innovative methods of alternative diplomacy. Designing and implementing advocacy activities and campaigns to achieve the desired goals.

Executive Trainings & Study Tours

Executive Training and Study Tours organized through designing public policy trainings and overseas study tours; implementing public executive trainings and workshops; organizing public policy conferences; providing customized executive "applied training" courses in various countries.

Communication & Media

Organization of institutional communications and relations with the media. Design and publication of booklets, brochures, catalogues, sectorial newspapers and magazines (for local governments, public agencies etc.). Organization of media visibility for governments and realization of specialized sectorial media programs. 

Human Capital Management

Human capital management, recruitment, identification of skills and talents, follow up of related administrative work (visa, residence, work permit etc.) for our projects and clients. Implementation of various skill building and personal development programs for employees to stimulate staff motivation and to adapt to local working environment. 

Organization & Logistics

Organization of successful international events and projects' implementation activities as well as setting and managing local offices for international actors, brokering for official procedures.