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Welcome to MDNspiration

Whether you are a present or future partner, a loyal or potential client, or simply a curious guest; we wish you the warmest welcome.

MDNspiration is a blend of critical analysis from the founder's professional journey and spiritual understanding. Long years of hands-on experience, a broad network of professional relationships, scrupulous analysis of needs and opportunities, dreams and passion, vision and courage, and faith, all harmoniously woven together to make Middle East Development Network a reality. At the same time its origin has a marvellous, fairy-tale-like story as its source of inspiration and the starting point of our journey: The Tale of the Three Grapes, a mysterious historical record or legend, echoing Rumi’s “In Baghdad, Dreaming of Cairo: In Cairo, Dreaming of Baghdad” or Paolo Coelho’s “Alchemist”.

MDN’s ambition goes far beyond just being "another consultancy firm"; it actually aims at becoming an actor of change. Its goal is to make substantial contribution to making the Middle East and North Africa a land of peace and prosperity, justice and human development, through improved governance, balanced economic development and peaceful diplomacy.


Yours inspiringly,   

Murat Daoudov   

MDN President